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Examples of Work

Examples of Work

This section consists of written examples of my work completed for undergraduate and graduate assignments, as well as in my internship program.

What Preceptors Say

"Ashley is an exceptional intern.  From what I observed, Ashley is able to conduct thorough assessments, establish trust and build rapport with her patients, provide good education and utilize multiple counseling strategies (e.g. reflective listening, affirmations, negotiation, goal setting) to elicit change talk, and offer sound and practical recommendations. She is well-spoken and personable, and the questions she asked me to demonstrate her critical thinking and her desire to learn and grow in her knowledge and skills. I see so much potential in Ashley; she is going to be a great asset to any team.  "
- M. Sossamon, MS RD

Creative Work

This section consists of handouts created and passed out or presented for school assignments and internship rotations.

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Writing Example #1

Blog - Guest Writer

The Geriatric Dietitian

Case Study #1

Celiac Disease

Class: MNT II

Menu Design

Cycle Menu

Beaumont ISD

Writing Example #2

Letter to Elected Official

Class: Community Nutrition

Case Study #2


Class: MNT II

Oral Presentation #1

Anastomotic Leak

Class: Advanced Dietetics II

Writing Example #3

Community Assessment

Class: Community Nutrition

Case Study #3


Class: MNT II

Oral Presentation #2

Catering Project

Class: Quantities

Creativity Examples
Student Org. and Volunteer

Student Organizations + Volunteer Work

Student Organization

Lamar University Nutrition & Dietetics Association


Role: Creative Director, Treasurer, Event Planner

Volunteer Work

World Hunger Relief Inc.


Role: Volunteer/Farm Partner

Volunteer Work

Lamar University Athletic Complex


Role: Nutrition Volunteer, Work Study, Social Media Design

Other Volunteer Work

Various Locations


Role: Volunteer

Acheivements+ Memberships

Acheivements + Memberships

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